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Book 1
The Necklace

A woman has cancer. A man has a secret.  And a doctor is out looking for answers.

Rachel Connor is madly in love with David Smith and so she marries him. She thinks that it was the usual happily-ever-after ending for her. But as the years went by, a challenge comes to her that will test their relationship. Will the love she had once thought could defy anything still stand through it? Or will she lose everything including her life, the love of her life, and her son?

This is a love story that bridges the gap between now and eternity. Read now.

Book 2
Life Happens
A Poetry Collection

Life happens.

It could go shitty or it could go well. But no matter where you are in your life right now, you cannot stop life from happening. One must live and just let life happen.

A poetry collection from the author of The Necklace and Kino Amark fantasy series.


A companion for whatever it is you are going through.

Book 3
Short Story Collection
An every day read for busy people

Busy to read a full-length novel? No problem. 
In this compilation of N.O. Norton's short stories, the author of The Necklace, you will find short stories from love story to thriller, to coming of age. This book will provide you with the daily dose of entertainment you need in your busy schedule.
Read on.

Indie Publishing Hacked Cover.jpg
Indie Publishing: Hacked!

Are you new to writing?

Are you uncertain about what to do next?

Do you want to know if writing is really for you?
If the answer to all these questions is YES, then read N.O. Norton's (author of The Necklace and the Kino Amark Fantasy Series) Indie Publishing: Hacked! 


This guidebook is a journey that begins with the desire to write, transcends into the act of writing, and ends in self-publishing.

Hop in and enjoy the journey to Indie Publishing the way it should be, hacked! 

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