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breaking the scroll complete series(Ebook)

Book 1
Breaking the Scroll (Ebook)
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Kino Amark dreams of flying in Akea, a place where all the Citizens have special abilities. But Kino can only dream because, in this place where everyone has special gifts, Kino is the only one without any.

However, Kino is worried. Because at the moon’s turning (the end of the year), he must present his power to the emperor during the Akean Wine Festival. If he doesn’t present any, he wouldn’t be registered as a Citizen, and how sad would that be? So, he is determined to fly. He crafts wings from all sorts of leaves, but his efforts have resulted in one failure after another. 

Little does Kino know that his heritage links him to the former emperor, a clan thought to be long gone, and a princess who can make things happen by writing them.

Nor does Kino know that a great destiny awaits him . . . If only he could get past the daily challenges in school and discover that there is a secret that has been controlling his power from manifesting.

With the help of Kino’s friends, Mayo Calo, the super adventurous boy, and Pyper San Diego, the little ghost girl, will Kino be so lucky to survive in Akea without any power? Or will the gods finally grant him one during the Akean Wine Festival?

Book 2
The Dark Unveiling (Ebook)

After the Akean Wine Festival, Kino, Pyper, and Mayo are on the run to escape the wrath of the emperor. They travel from one land to the next and, in the process, meet other astounding Akeans! Say–the Swordless Swordsman–who can slice objects with air!


The Swordless Swordsman performs in a circus show, and he is joined by his assistant, Quila Tash, whose power of changing voices makes her ideal as a puppeteer. While the Swordless Swordsman entertains the audience in the Loondu Marketplace, Pyper notices something odd in his magical acts. She believes that he is hiding a secret, and when she confronts him about it, the Swordless Swordsman decides to run away.


What was Pyper to make of that? She must be right! And so, Kino, Pyper, and Mayo go hunting for the Swordless Swordsman and his entourage.


In the meantime, the twins Goemi and Miroe Pasap have a huge secret too – they are keeping a woman with them, a woman who is supposed to be dead!


As the adventure continues, the emperor's hunt for Kino and his friends becomes even more dangerous. Will Kino and his new set of friends be able to outwit their pursuers?


Or is it going to be the end of their freedom?

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Book 3
Return to Akea (Ebook)
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Kino Amark could not believe that the former Emperor of Akea, Northsam Mendel Amark, is indeed his grandfather! And it was just Kino’s luck because who would be the best person to train him about his newly discovered power but someone who has had so much experience wielding one?


Meanwhile, Mayo Calo and Miroe Pasap find themselves in the Kanelan dungeons. They still hate each other's guts. However, will the damp, stinky dungeon convert them into allies and redirect their angst towards each other to plan for something that has not been done before, like escape the Kanelan Dungeons? 


As Kino learns about his power, Pyper is planning how to rescue her friends. Mayo, on the other hand, wishes for nothing more but to go out on an adventure again. Will the three friends find their way into each other's lives again? 


The wars started when Kino decided to present his power to the emperor, and it was all a mockery during that time. How was he to know that it would begin the emperor’s assault over the land? Regardless, Kino now understands that for the war to end, he must fight the emperor. 


His chance of winning is close to nil, but he knows that to save the Akeans from the Emperor’s brutal rule, he will have to fight him. Or die trying. 

Breaking the Scroll
Complete Trilogy (Ebook)
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Kino Amark's adventure is complete.

Get the full YA Epic Fantasy Trilogy.

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